How to view old stories on facebook

Learn How do I see someone's story on Facebook?

In social media globally, Facebook is one of the maximum famous systems that permits human beings to connect with each other and proportion their existence testimonies through photos, motion pictures, and text updates.

One of the most famous features on Facebook is the Stories feature, which permits users to percentage short-lived moments in their existence with their buddies and followers.

What are Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories are brief-lived posts that appear on the top of the Facebook mobile app and disappear after 24 hours. These memories can consist of pix, films, text updates, and different visual content.

Users can create Facebook Stories by tapping on the digital camera icon in the pinnacle left nook of the Facebook cellular app or by swiping right from the News Feed.

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Why would you want to view old stories on Facebook?

There are numerous reasons why you can want to view old tales on Facebook. For example, you can have shared an especially memorable moment along with your friends and need to relive that experience.

Alternatively, you can have missed a chum’s tale while it was at the beginning posted and need to catch up on what you neglected.

Whatever your motive for wanting to view antique memories on Facebook, we’ve given you a blanket.

Steps to View Old Stories on Facebook

  1. Open Facebook App The first step in viewing antique reminiscences on Facebook is to open the Facebook cell app for your telephone or pill. If you no longer have the Facebook app installed for your tool, you can download it actually unfastened from the App Store (for iOS gadgets) or Google Play Store (for Android gadgets).
  2. Tap on your profile photograph Once you’ve got opened the Facebook app, tap on your profile image located within the pinnacle left corner of the screen. This will take you to your Facebook profile page.
  3. Scroll all the approaches all the way down to “Your Facebook Story” Once you are in your Facebook profile web page, scroll down until you word the “Your Facebook Story” segment. This section will show your current Facebook Story, similar to any previous tales which you have shared.
  4. Tap on the arrow icon To view your old tales, faucet at the arrow icon placed within the pinnacle left nook of the “Your Facebook Story” segment. This will open up a menu that permits you to view your old tales.
  5. Choose the tale you need to view From the menu that looks, choose the story that you need to view. You can scroll through your vintage stories by swiping left or right at the show.
  6. View your antique tale Once you have got decided on the vintage tale that you want to view, it’s going to appear on your screen. You can view the story simply as you will another Facebook Story.
  7. Save the story (elective) If you want to shop the antique tale in your tool, you can accomplish that by tapping on the download icon placed in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will save the story on your tool’s digital camera roll or gallery.


Q: Can I view old stories on Facebook even if I didn’t originally create them?

A: No, you can only view old stories on Facebook that you created and shared.

You cannot view old stories that were shared by your friends or other Facebook users.

Q: How far back can I view old stories on Facebook?

A: You can view old stories on Facebook as far back as your own personal Facebook account goes.

If you have been using Facebook for several years, you may be able to view old stories that you shared years ago.

Q: Can I view old stories on Facebook from the desktop version?

A: No, the ability to view old stories on Facebook is currently only available on the mobile app version of Facebook.

You cannot view old stories on the desktop version of Facebook.

Q: What if I deleted an old story by accident? Can I still view it?

A: No, once you delete a story on Facebook, it is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

It is important to be careful when deleting stories to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a story that you may want to view later.

Q: How can I ensure that my old stories are saved for future viewing?

A: If you want to ensure that your old stories are saved for future viewing, you can download them to your device’s camera roll or gallery.

This will allow you to access them even if they are no longer available on Facebook.


So in case you are trying to view vintage testimonies on Facebook, it’s miles an exceptionally easy process that may be carried out via the Facebook cell app.

By following the stairs mentioned in this text, you could without problems view vintage tales which you have shared in the past.

It is crucial to understand that you may handiest view vintage stories which you have shared yourself, and that after a story is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

However, with the aid of saving your old stories to your tool, you can make sure that they are to be had for destiny viewing.

With these tips in thoughts, you can without difficulty relive a number of your favourite reminiscences and moments on Facebook.

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