How it Started How it’s Going Template (For Startups and New Ventures)

How it Started How it's going template

How It Started How It’s Going Template: A Fun and Creative Way to Share Your Progress

The “How It Started How It’s Going” template has taken social media by storm as a way to showcase personal and professional progress. From weight loss journeys to career advancements, this template has become a popular way to share accomplishments and inspire others. In this article, we’ll explore the origin of the template, how it’s used, and some creative ways to make it your own.

The Origin of the How It Started How It’s Going Template

The “How It Started How It’s Going” template is believed to have originated on Twitter, where users would share photos of their initial and current circumstances side by side. The first image typically shows a humble beginning, while the second image demonstrates significant progress or transformation. This format became popular in 2020 and has since spread to other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

How It Started vs. How It's Going HD template download

How to Use the How It Started How It’s Going Template

To use the template, simply find two images that showcase your progress or transformation. The first image should represent the beginning of your journey, while the second image should represent where you are now. This could include weight loss progress, career advancements, or personal achievements. The images can be accompanied by a caption that explains your journey or highlights the significance of your progress.

Creative Ways to Make the How It Started How It’s Going Template Your Own

There are countless ways to make the “How It Started How It’s Going” template your own. For example, you could add text overlays to the images, highlighting specific details about your journey. You could also use the template to showcase a specific skill or hobby that you’ve improved upon over time. Additionally, you could use the template to highlight an important relationship in your life, such as a before-and-after photo with your significant other or a photo of you and your best friend from childhood next to a current photo.

Tips for Creating a Powerful How It Started How It’s Going Post

To create a powerful “How It Started How It’s Going” post, it’s important to choose images that clearly demonstrate your progress or transformation. This could include photos that show your physical appearance, work projects you’ve completed, or milestones you’ve achieved. Additionally, it’s important to write a caption that tells a compelling story about your journey, including any obstacles you’ve overcome and lessons you’ve learned along the way.

What is how it started and how it’s going?

Though its inception was a playful way to acknowledge one’s beloved partner, how it began vs. how it is proceeding meme swiftly transformed into an alluring tool for making political and social commentary across a plethora of topics. It has become particularly popular on Twitter as a means of commenting on these issues – be they pertaining to politics or society in genera.

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How do you make a meme on Canva?

How to make a meme?

Follow these simple steps to make a meme on Canva free for Pro version.

Open Canva

Install Canva and seek out the keyword “Meme” to kick off your design undertaking.

Find a template

Browse Canvas’ vast library of meme templates and find one that matches your theme. Apply keywords to refine your search, then select one of our ready-made layouts or craft a unique composition from scratch!

Explore features

Canvas’ colossal image store boasts numerous stock images, photographs, icons and stickers. Utilize the animate tool to cause elements to tumble, ascend or tour across the page – you can even add audio or video clips!

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Personalize your meme

Are you already sure about the vision for your project? Then, feel free to upload any images or media assets. Choose from a plethora of font styles, backgrounds and hues – then mix them up with elements from various templates and create a truly unique look!

Publish easily

Are you pleased with the outcome? Download and save your design as a PNG, JPG, GIF or MP4 video. Share it on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms right from the Canva editor!

So what we got and learn!

The “How It Started How It’s Going” template is a fun and creative way to share personal and professional progress with others. Whether you’re showcasing weight loss progress or career advancements, this template allows you to celebrate your accomplishments and inspire others. By following these tips and getting creative with your post, you can make your “How It Started How It’s Going” post stand out and make an impact.

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