Transfer WordPress Website To New Host: Easy Hosting Migration

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Migrating a WordPress website to a new host can seem daunting, but it’s a task that can be accomplished with careful planning and execution. Whether you’re moving to a new host for better performance, more features, or cost savings, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Can I Move My WordPress Site to Another Host?

Yes, you can move your WordPress site to another host. The process involves transferring your website’s files and database to the new hosting provider. It’s important to choose a host that meets your website’s needs in terms of bandwidth, storage, and support for WordPress.

How to Migrate WordPress Site to New Host Without Plugin?

Migrating your WordPress site to a new host without a plugin involves a few steps:

  1. Backup Your Website: Before making any changes, it’s crucial to back up your website’s files and database. This ensures that you can restore your site if anything goes wrong during the migration.
  2. Export Your Database: Access your website’s database via phpMyAdmin and export it. This will create a .sql file that contains all your website’s data.
  3. Upload Files to New Host: Use an FTP client to upload your website’s files to the new host. Ensure that you upload the files to the correct directory, often called ‘public_html’ or ‘www’.
  4. Create a New Database: On your new hosting account, create a new database and user. Note down the database name, username, and password.
  5. Import Your Database: Access phpMyAdmin on your new host and import the .sql file you exported earlier into the new database.
  6. Update wp-config.php: Edit the wp-config.php file in your website’s root directory to reflect the new database details (name, username, password).
  7. Update DNS Settings: Point your domain’s DNS settings to the new host. This will direct visitors to your website hosted on the new server.
  8. Test Your Site: Once the DNS changes have propagated, test your website to ensure everything is working correctly.

Can I Transfer My WordPress Site to Another Account?

Yes, you can transfer your WordPress site to another account. This involves moving your site’s files and database to the new account. The process is similar to migrating to a new host, with the main difference being that you’re transferring within the same hosting company.

How Do I Transfer My WordPress Site to a New Computer?

Transferring your WordPress site to a new computer involves moving your local site files and database to another computer. This is typically done when developing a site locally before moving it to a live server.

  1. Copy Site Files: Copy your WordPress site files from your old computer to the new one.
  2. Export Local Database: Use a tool like phpMyAdmin to export your local database to a .sql file.
  3. Import Database on New Computer: On the new computer, import the .sql file into a new database using phpMyAdmin.
  4. Update wp-config.php: Modify the wp-config.php file to connect to the new database.
  5. Run Your Site: Use a local server environment like XAMPP or WAMP on your new computer to run your WordPress site.

Migrate WordPress Site to New Host Plugin

Using a migration plugin can simplify the process of moving your WordPress site to a new host. Plugins like Duplicator, All-in-One WP Migration, and Migrate Guru offer a more automated approach, handling the backup, transfer, and restoration of your site.

Migrate WordPress Site to New Domain Without Plugin

Migrating your WordPress site to a new domain without a plugin involves similar steps to moving to a new host. Key differences include updating the site URL in the database and ensuring that all internal links are updated to reflect the new domain.

WordPress Migration Plugin

A WordPress migration plugin can be a valuable tool in transferring your site. These plugins often provide features like find-and-replace for URLs, serialization handling, and direct migration from one host to another.


Transferring your WordPress site to a new host or domain can be a smooth process with proper preparation and execution. Whether you choose to do it manually or use a plugin, ensuring that you have a complete backup and carefully updating your settings will help ensure a successful migration. Remember to test your site thoroughly after the move to ensure that everything is functioning as expected.

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